Want a Used Motorcycle Loan? Here’s the Luck and Rug

Motorcycle is not a product for investment because the price will decrease every year. Even when you just bought it and want to sell it again after a while, the price will decrease by approximately 20% -30%. Because of this fact, many people who prefer to buy a used motorbike because the price is cheaper. In addition, the process of purchasing a used motorcycle can be done in cash and on credit.

So if you are interested in buying a used motorbike but don’t have enough cash, you can take advantage of a used motorcycle credit facility provided by a leasing company. Before you decide to do a used motorcycle credit, you should first consider the advantages and disadvantages. Here we describe the advantages and disadvantages of doing motorcycle loans for you.


Benefits of Motorcycle Loans

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Buying a used motorbike on credit can be very profitable for those of you who are in poor financial condition but want to buy a motorbike. Here are the benefits if you buy a used motorbike on credit:

1. Cheaper Motorcycle Prices, Installments So Cheaper Too

The price of a new motorbike that is getting more and more expensive is not guaranteed by everyone, so many people are turning to buy a used motorbike because the price is definitely cheaper than a new motorbike. With this cheaper price, the amount of installments to be paid will also be cheaper than new motorbike installments.

2. Direct Motor Available

When buying a new motorbike, sometimes you need to wait a while because the motorbike you are buying is not yet available. But by buying a used motorcycle, the engine that you want is immediately available in front of your eyes and you can immediately use it.

3. Good Quality With Low Price

Not all used motorcycles are of poor quality, in fact many used motorcycles are of good quality even though they are not 100% like new. But with good conditions and low prices, then you are very profitable.

4. Lighter Taxes

The price of tax payment is calculated based on the year of manufacture, and the tax price increases annually so if you buy a motorcycle this year, the tax price is more expensive than last year. Usually used motorcycles that are sold are old years of production, so the tax payment that you have to do is definitely lighter than the new motorbike tax.


Motorcycle Credit Losses

3. Annual Credit Card Fees

However, besides all the benefits provided by using a used motorcycle loan, there are also some losses that you will feel. Here goes the disadvantages:

1. Total Credit Prices Are More Expensive Than Cash

Like credit in general, if you buy a used motorcycle on credit, the price will be much more expensive than buying in cash. This is because there are interest costs that you must pay.

2. No Leasing Company Insurance

When you buy a new motorbike on credit, usually the leasing company will provide insurance for credit if you lose your motorbike. This insurance will not be obtained when you make a used motorcycle loan. So there is no guarantee of security for the motorbike.

3. Machine Quality is Not Guaranteed

When buying a new motorbike, the quality of the engine must be guaranteed to be good because it is new, but when buying a used motorbike, you cannot guarantee the quality of the engine. Even when you try, the used engine still works well, it can still be damaged at any time.

4. The Process of Changing the Hassle Name

Of course, when buying a used motorcycle, you must replace the name and document ownership of the engine with your name. Change the name is important to do on the BPKB and STNK used motorcycles. Because if you don’t do it, you can even inconvenience if there are problems in the future.


Think carefully before deciding

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Financial condition is a determining factor that greatly influences your choice of buying a motorcycle. Want to buy a new or used motorbike and payment by credit or cash, all of this is very dependent on your finances. Before making a decision, then you should think carefully about the benefits and benefits of each option. That way, you will not feel sorry after doing it. Remember not to buy in a hurry, think carefully before deciding.

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